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Horse rider insurance


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As an equine insurer, our Horse Rider insurance is designed to offer riders of all ages (5-75 years) who do not own a horse the very best in personal protection; whether you ride occasionally, or on a regular basis.

Sometimes the type of cover is more important than the price. By talking to us you can find out what is covered by our Horse Rider insurance and ensure it's right for you.

Horse rider insurance features

NFU Mutual's Horse Rider insurance offers a package of covers to protect you as a rider, including your personal liability. The following features are just a few examples, if you want more information please view the full policy document:

  •  Personal liability cover
    up to £2.5 million, which can be increased up to £10 million on request
  • Vet fees cover
    up to £2000 for vet fees following an accident to any horse you borrow (standard excess of £145)
  • Personal accident cover
    for injuries resulting from riding accidents covered by our policy for riders under 75

Limits and exclusions apply. To learn more about our horse rider insurance cover you can view the policy document or contact your local branch.

Limits and exclusions apply.

Please ensure you read the insurance policy document in full before you decide to proceed with any purchase.

Useful articles

We know the importance of ensuring you're protected whether you ride occasionally, or on a regular basis. Our range of useful articles can help you protect yourself as a rider if you don't own your own horse.

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