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Coronavirus: Motor Insurance

With changes to how and when we need to travel, and increasingly more of us returning to the road, you may have questions about your motor insurance or want to check if anything has changed as restrictions continue to lift.

Please note that as of the 31st May 2021, if you require your vehicle for commuting, you must contact us to check your policy covers this. Please see the FAQs below for further details.

My MOT is due shortly and I cannot get to a garage (or test centre in Northern Ireland). Will this affect my insurance?

In Great Britain, MOTs due between 30th March 2020 and 31st July 2020 on cars, LGVs and motorcycles had been extended for six months. MOT testing resumed as normal where the MOT is due from 1st August 2020 onwards. Following the latest restrictions in England, Scotland and Wales in December 2020, garages providing MOT services can remain open, so MOT testing continues as normal. As no more extensions are being granted your vehicle must have a valid MOT if it is over three years old.

In Northern Ireland, MOTs had been suspended with the authorities issuing Temporary Exemption Certificates (TECs). Testing resumed for some vehicles from 1st September 2020 and the intention is that testing will resume for all other vehicles once testing centre capacity increases. Full details are at:

Whilst policyholders will not be penalised where a MOT has been legitimately delayed, there remains an obligation to maintain vehicles in a roadworthy condition.

To support drivers who needed to travel to their workplace during Covid-19 restrictions, but who previously would not have used their own vehicle to do so, insurers temporarily waived the need for anyone without commuting cover to update their motor insurance policy. From 31st May 2021, you need to contact us to extend your insurance to cover commuting.

Volunteering to deliver food and supplies for free to those who are vulnerable or otherwise unable to leave the house due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) is already included in your cover. You don’t need to let us know if you’re delivering food and supplies. 

If you’re carrying equipment (such as medicines or portable medical equipment), this won’t invalidate the insurance but please note these will not be covered under your motor policy.

Adding any additional drivers to the policy, including those who wish to engage in volunteering activity, will need to be added in the usual way by calling your local agent or Mutual Direct.

To support those who needed to travel to different locations for work during Covid-19 restrictions, but who previously would not have used their own vehicle to do so, insurers temporarily waived the need for anyone to update their motor insurance policy. From 31st May 2021 you must contact us to ensure the correct cover is in place.

Additional drivers can be added to your cover.  To do this contact your local office or get in touch using our online forms.  An additional premium may be charged if there are now more drivers using the vehicle or the additional driver is younger than existing drivers.   

Although you might not be driving your car, you should consider whether you want to keep it insured, for example to cover losses as a result of fire or theft.  It’s a legal requirement to have valid car insurance unless you apply for a Statutory Off Road Notification. Please be aware that, if you do SORN your vehicle, you won't be able to leave it parked on the road.

If your car has a SORN and you want to reduce your cover from ‘Comprehensive’ to ‘Fire & Theft’ only, a pro-rata refund will be provided. If you want to amend your cover, or cancel your insurance, please contact us.

You can find more information about a SORN on the Government website.  

If you are no longer using your vehicle due to the lockdown, you can make changes to your policy which may reduce your premium. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer midterm adjustments or cancellations free of charge. Any refund due as a result of a midterm adjustment or cancellation would be issued according to how you currently make your payments:

  • If you pay your premium in one annual payment, the difference will be refunded to you direct
  • If you pay by monthly direct debit instalments, your monthly payments will be reduced. 

If you would like to discuss a mid-term adjustment, please contact us.  

Drive Doctors are providing one-to-one drive sessions in line with government advice, with drivers in years one and three of the scheme being contacted directly to confirm a drive date. Please ensure contact details are up to date when you log into the Drive Doctors portal, where you will also be able to book your own drive date if you wish.

In line with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DSVA) recommendations, Drive Doctors have implemented social distancing and safety measures for both our members and driving instructors. It is advised that you download these and read before booking your practical driving session. Download our Social Distancing and Safety Measures.

Drive Doctors have been working with NFU Mutual customers throughout the year to deliver driving confidence sessions won during April 2021. We have received wonderful feedback from customers who have already taken part. However, due to delays caused by restrictions a number of customers are still waiting, and therefore drive sessions remain valid until 30th June 2022. Drive Doctors are in touch directly with any customers awaiting a drive date.