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The NFU Mutual Charitable Trust

Doing our bit for rural charities

The NFU Mutual Charitable Trust was set up in 1998, to promote and support charities in the United Kingdom working in agriculture, rural development and insurance.

Since then we've made a positive difference to education, research, social welfare and poverty relief.

The Trustees have achieved this by making one off donations and grants to charitable initiatives connected with agriculture, the countryside and the insurance industry.

Meet the trustees

Who are the individual Trustees of the NFU Mutual Charitable Trust?

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Objectives of the trust

We promote, facilitate and support charitable causes in the areas of agriculture, rural development and insurance.

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Recent initiatives

We provide charities with grants to support the running costs of various projects and services.

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Country lady

Application for funding

Find details of how your organisation can make requests for funding for projects and initiatives that fall within the objectives of the Trust.

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A long-term scheme that recognises and rewards post-graduate students making a real difference to the future of agriculture.

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Contact details

The NFU Mutual Charitable Trust
Tiddington Road
Stratford upon Avon
CV37 7BJ

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