Insurance for Diversified Farms

Many farming businesses are seeking innovative ways to use their assets to create diverse revenue streams. As activities on farms change, so must the insurance cover.

Farm diversification can bring new risks to your farm business. That's why it's important to have the right cover in place. Our insurance policies are designed to support wide and varied opportunities, to make sure you are covered.

Cover for farm diversifications

Over a third of farmers have already diversified in an effort to boost their incomes and ensure their farms remain resilient for generations to come.*

These diversifications include traditional methods, letting farm buildings and providing stables for livery, while other farmers have taken a more revolutionary approach, such as luxury glamping and self-service organic milkshake dispensers.

However, these new streams of non-farming income bring new risks to a farm business. We have the insurance solutions available to ensure you have the right cover for your activities and we're here to support you every step of the way. 

*NFU Mutual Voice of the Farmer July 2023 with 1,703 UK farmers

A conversation with one of our farming agents can help you make sure you have the right cover in place:

Public liability

If you are hosting members of the public on your land you need to ensure that you are covered against any injuries that may occur as a result of your activities.

Employers' liability

If you pay staff to run any of your activities, you are legally required to have employers' liability insurance.

Product liability

If you are selling products as part of your activities you need to make sure you are covered against any injury or damage caused as a result.


If you have built new or developed existing buildings and changed their use you need the right level of buildings insurance cover.

Contents and stock

If you are selling products as part of your activities, you will want to protect them against damage or theft.

Environment liability

If your new activities caused environmental damage you would be liable, environmental liability insurance would cover the cost of fixing the damage.

The cover you choose will depend on your circumstances and your local NFU Mutual agency office will take the time to understand these needs and explain the full details, including any limits and exclusions that may apply, to help ensure it‘s right for you.

Planning to diversify your farming activities?

If you're planning farming diversifications, there are a number of consideration you need to make.

We've developed a planning tool to help you understand and plan the steps you should take to make your diversifications a success.

If you've already started your diversification journey, speak to an agent about the cover you need.