Farm Essentials

We know how demanding running a small farm can be. That's why we created our Farm Essentials policy so now you'll be protected by insurance that works just as hard as you do.

Is Farm Essentials for me?

We understand the needs of smaller farms, and work with owners, tenants and share farmers to ensure you only pay for the cover your business or smallholding needs.

That’s why we’ve improved our Farm Essentials policy to provide more cover for livestock, hill farms and simple diversifications.

If your farm is up to 50 hectares and generates up to £50,000 in farming income annually and meets additional acceptance criteria, this policy can provide the essential property and liability covers to meet your needs. There is also flexibility to cover livestock, farm income and some simple diversifications such as B&Bs, farm shops, camping and caravan sites, and leasing of land or grazing rights.

Small Farm Industry Expert Guide

An update from one of our farm insurance specialists, with insights on the small farm industry

Download a copy of the industry expert guide [PDF: 1.4MB]

Key features and benefits available to you

  • £10m Public and Product Liability cover to protect your business if it’s held responsible for accidental injury to clients, customers, or the public
  • £10m Employers' Liability cover to protect your business and its employees, as well as your family and friends if they’re injured or become ill due to their work on the farm
  • Day-one reinstatement buildings cover up to £300,000 and contents cover up to £50,000 – including a 15% increase on your property sums insured to combat inflation
  • Cover for farming stock up to £20,000
  • £250,000 Legal Expenses cover to safeguard your business and employees during legal disputes, providing your claim has a reasonable prospect of success, including access to our legal advice helpline and online legal employment manual
  • £2m Environmental Liability cover to protect your business if your farming activities or waste results in injury, environmental or biodiversity damage.

Optional Cover

  • Cover for loss of business income up to £50,000 due to an unexpected event (provided you have property insurance in place covering the same event), including an automatic 33% increase in your sum insured to support you in your time of need
  • New cover for smaller livestock herds or flocks whilst on the land or in transit, valued up to £100,000 (excluding diseases)

Farm Essentials FAQs

Farm insurance is specifically designed for those who want to protect their farm house, buildings, machinery, livestock and grounds from events that will significantly interrupt the running of a business.

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Whether you’re a farm owner, tenant or contractor, your agricultural business or holding can face physical risks, such as damage to essential property or livestock by fire, storm or flood. Such events can significantly interrupt the running of your business and make it difficult to maintain income and manage outgoings.

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As a farmer, it’s not always clear where your business ends and your personal life begins – especially when it comes to things like insurance. When insuring your home on the farm, we understand that you may have specialist needs. From a traditional farm house, to something more unusual, your local NFU Mutual agent will be more than happy to discuss this with you.

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Our policies are catered to you. Your local NFU Mutual agent is on hand to work closely with you to identify and manage these challenges. These challenges can include, but are not limited to: fire (including fire caused by spontaneous fermentation or self-heating); lightning and explosion; aircraft and earthquake; escape of water (from tanks, apparatus or pipes); storm and flood; impact (by vehicles or animals); theft or attempted theft; riot or malicious damage; straying; accidental damage and many, many more.

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Specialist cover should be provided by our Agricultural Vehicle Insurance and your agent will be able to advise you on the full range of cover available. We also provide a range of engineering cover to suit the needs of your farm business, such as inspections of plant by our engineering partner Vulcan Inspection Services to help you manage business risk and comply with regulatory and health and safety obligations. As well as, accidental damage to, and breakdown of, plant and machinery.

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We understand that your agricultural vehicles are what keeps you on the move. You can insure quad bikes up the value of £5k under Farm Essentials, however for more, specialist cover you can talk to your agent about our Agricultural Vehicle Insurance page or get in touch with your local
NFU Mutual agency office.

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For more information on a quote with NFU Mutual about your small farm or smallholding, please
fill in this form for one of our local agents to arrange a conversation or face to face meeting.

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We have offices up and down the country, so you're never far from one of our local agents! Visit
our agency finder to locate your local NFU Mutual office.

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Farm Safety Foundation - We fund this award-winning registered charity which raises awareness of farm safety among younger farmers (16-40) and, through engagement and education, challenge and change their risk-taking behaviours. Take a closer look at the work they are doing.


Union Advantage - We're proud of our farming heritage and we have constantly developed products and services to give your peace of mind. Just as importantly, we work closely with the farming unions to help them in their goal to protect your way of life now and in the future. Stength comes in numbers.

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