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Fund Governance


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What we look for in an investment

Governance is the way we select, monitor and remove funds within our fund range. It’s the way we choose talented investment managers to manage your money and select quality funds for you to invest in.

Within NFU Mutual our investment proposition is overseen by the Fund Proposition Governance Forum. This is made up of a number of senior people within the organisation who have specialist knowledge covering areas such as Sales, Investments, Compliance and Actuarial.

Their Responsibilities

The Fund Proposition Governance Forum is responsible for:

  • Selecting and endorsing new funds
  • Monitoring existing funds
  • Withdrawing our endorsement of funds that are no longer suitable
  • Determining the shape and breadth of the NFU Mutual fund range

The 4 P's

There are many factors taken into consideration when choosing new funds to add to our range. It’s crucial that we evaluate the compatibility of these funds with our own values and how they can meet the needs of our investors. We do this by assessing four key areas:

1 People
To help us assess the strength and consistency of the manager, we evaluate the quality of the management team, the experience and turnover of senior staff – particularly the fund manager – and how the team members work together.

2 Process
We look at the underlying discipline and effectiveness of fundamental processes such as portfolio construction and risk management and the way in which the business principles are applied.

3 Philosophy
We look at the way in which they have achieved their results and how they are likely to fare in the future. We are looking for evidence of a repeatable process as opposed to fortunate stock selection.

4 Performance
We use a range of different tools to thoroughly measure the overall performance of the manager.

You should be aware that the value of your investment may go down as well as up and you may not get back what you invested.

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