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Only the policyholder or an individual authorised by the policyholder can make changes to an existing policy. 

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Only the policyholder or an individual authorised by the policyholder can make changes to an existing policy. 

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Legal expenses insurance

If you have a legal expenses claim or you need advice, please call the DAS helpline on 0117 934 0573. DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Ltd provide this free service for our members. Their claims office is open 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday and the helpline is open 24/7.

Home and Lifestyle policyholders with Home Emergency Cover

Only applicable if additional premium has been paid

Please refer to your policy schedule to confirm whether cover is in force.

This service provided by ARAG plc offers a 24-hour domestic heating and plumbing helpline.

You can use the helpline by calling 0330 303 1468.

Even if you’re not making a claim for your own losses, you may find yourself facing a claim from the other person involved. We will give you help and advice and deal with any claims made against you.

Glass repair and replacement 

You can book a hassle free appointment online with a technician from Autoglass or National Windscreens, our preferred glazing suppliers.

A claim to repair or replace your car windscreen will not affect your no claims discount. Find out more about glass repairs in our motor claims guide.

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