Farming Diversification

With over 100 years supporting the farming community we’ve seen a lot of change so we understand the importance of diversification to the farming industry.

2020 Diversification Report

Our 2020 Diversification Report features the latest trends, insights and case studies to help UK farmers explore opportunities for the future, and is informed by our recent survey. Alongside the 2020 Diversification Report we have launched a new diversification episode of the Ahead Of The Field podcast, which you can listen to below.


Download a copy of our 2020 Diversification report [PDF: 638KB]

Would you like us to e mail you a copy of our Diversification report? 
Would you like us to send you a copy of our Diversification report? 
Diversification reports will arrive within 5-7 days of your order.

Advice for reopening your glamping business or holiday accommodation

If you’re now re-opening and managing your site during the pandemic, here are Five Top Tips from our trusted partner Canopy to get you started safely.

Guide to re-opening and managing with confidence [PDF: 710KB]

Diversification Podcasts

Diversifying as a weddings venue at Quantock Lakes

Find out how a farming family turned their fortunes around by diversifying into the wedding industry. Will talks to sister and brother Naomi and Andrew about the difficult decisions they needed to take and then how they’ve been able to grow there business.

To listen to more of our podcasts, head over to our Ahead of the Field podcast page.

Our Farm Select policy can cover a wide range of diversified businesses, and your local Agent is on hand to discuss whether diversification is for you.

Key Consideration to Diversification

  • Why you want to diversify
  • The implications on your time, your core farm business activities, cashflow, staffing, potential liabilities etc.
  • Information about skills, resources and market conditions that you have gained from other local farmers who have diversified
  • How much the diversified business will cost to set up
  • How you will finance it
  • How profitable it will be
  • How to market it
  • Legal requirements, tax and national insurance issues.